We are all about making some great connections that are mutually beneficial, and we wanted to share one of these relationships with you.  Over the years we have relied on each other to make every business day a successful day when it comes to mailing.  The USPS is there to ensure your mailings get sorted and sent correctly and quickly to the recipients, and we are there to give them mailings to send!

One of our closest contacts is practically our neighbor, working right down the street from us.    As our strategic business alliance partner, he is always there giving us the newest information about promotions, changes in standards and regulations, and any other news that may affect your mailings.  Sometimes even we can drown in the details of such a complex system, but he is always there to pull us up.

We are also active within our local Postal Customer Council® (PCC) group.  Through meetings, educational programs, clinics and seminars, we discover the best ways to produce cost-effective, efficient and profitable mailings through the U.S. Postal Service.  In addition, PCCs seek to both resolve local challenges related to the mail and improve communication with Postal Service representatives. These forums are great networking opportunities, too, and members often receive discounts to mailing industry events. There are more than 200 local PCCs with about 100,000 members across the country.

By involving ourselves with the USPS, we can rest just a little easier. Even though we have in-house experts we consider to be mail nerds, two brains are always better than one!

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