B&B (formally B&B Printing) has been a fixture in Richmond’s media industry for the past 40 years.  As one of the top five printers in the southeast region, we have amassed a unique array of clients coming from various industries.  One of the largest verticals we service, however, has always been the marketing/advertising industry.  Over the years, we’ve worked with agencies such as The Martin Agency, Big River Advertising, Siddall, and Barber Martin, just to mention a few.

Now, with more and more marketing campaigns being launched digitally, we knew that our service and product offerings needed to evolve with these changes.  By offering Integrated marketing campaign strategies with QR codes and Purls and web2print services, we are moving forward in an increasingly declining industry.

So, we are no longer just a printer.

Internal perceptions of what we do and who we are have already been changing, but we knew we needed a way to show this vision to our audience.  The most obvious choice was to change our brand identity.

Our facebook cover image

We hired a local creative agency to remodel our outward appearance to match up with who we’ve become as a whole.  The roles were reversed, as the vendor now becomes the client.  B&B has never undergone a change in branding, so to see a shop that was much more production based and nearly institutionalized move to a company that speaks more to its creative and strategic side has had great impact on our internal culture and overall positioning within our industry.

Adam Ewing, known recently for his portraits of Civil War extras from the movie Lincoln captured the essence of our new brand identity by taking portraits of our very own employees to use on our website and various other marketing promotions.  With the theme of “tough geekism,” Ewing sought to showcase B&B and our employees as people who are so passionate and knowledgeable about our services that we can knock out any project that comes our way.

On top of our digital components, we also have a whole new set of promotional stationery.  Designed by the same agency and made by our very own employees, this stationery stands out with bright colors, foil stamps, and highly tactile materials.  The business cards have a die cut that resembles the ink drops in our graphical elements.

Our new stationery

Letterhead, business card, No. 10 Envelope

Want to learn more about our transformation?  Visit our website and explore how we are no longer just printers, we are direct communicators.

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