B&B announces the addition of NimbleBridge, a marketing automation company specializing in Marketing Asset Management and Lead Generation|Lead Nurture solutions. Improving marketing efficiency and productivity is key in today’s business climate. With NimbleBridge’s strategic approach and customizable web-based platforms, marketers can now experience and benefit from collaborative and effective workflow environments.


Michael Bland, President and CEO of B&B and NimbleBridge, recognized early on that automation can change the marketing world. “I have been in this business for over twenty-two years and I know that these tools are absolutely necessary for our customers in today’s economy,” said Michael. “We developed NimbleBridge based on our customers’ wants and needs, saving them time from the often painful production practices of the past.”

Building upon B&B’s established web2print and ecatalog products, NimbleBridge takes marketing productivity to the next level with:
• custom marketing portals
• multichannel marketing campaigns
• marketing automation
• lead generation
• lead nurturing

NimbleBridge’s data-driven marketing solutions combine innovative strategies with automation technologies that deliver results. For further information, contact Shelly Pereira at (804) 419-9000 or visit www.nimblebridge.com.

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